After many trips and picturesque meetings on the island of Madagascar, sumptuous and rich of natural heritage, 3 adventurers imagine their next adventure. The diversity of biotopes present in the highlands, humid forests and arid coastlines offer a diversity of plants combining powerful organoleptic properties whose benefits on the mental sphere and the body is well established. It took 3 years to consolidate our project following the choice of employees and trusted partners to provide the best services and products. The core of our activity is the sourcing of products with high physico-chemical and sensory qualities. Offering the discovery of new sensations and flavors is an unprecedented experience allowing everyone to awaken the body and mind through the pleasure of the senses, synonymous with 100% natural high energy products. The meetings with the market players, from the modest producer to the committed national experts, led us to the development of a competent and trusted network, guarantor of a regular and qualitative supply. Our skills and past experience in the fields of therapy, e-commerce, business intelligence and agricultural production management, are assets leading to complementarity, coupled with an efficiency in the desire to satisfy a clientele by exceptional products.

We bring our technical, commercial and organizational skills to offer a selection of products, faithful to the authentic and endemic flavours, resulting from the environmental wealth of Madagascar.

We offer our customers export support according to specific requests and the necessary requirements for the business, ensuring them a high-performance service with complete transparency.

The reality of the market is part of a Malagasy context sensitive to certain agricultural sectors. This brings us to intervene and act on critical points of the sector. The result is a solid economic and social collaboration, benefiting the contributors who contributed to the creation of the added value of the product allowing a fairer price for the stakeholdersof the production..