vanilla & derivates


Our activity as an exporter of local products has been marked by the recent obtaining of the mandatory approval, authorizing certain companies to supervise and market vanilla of the malagasy soil abroad. In application of the Article 24 of Inter-ministerial Decree No. 35-255/2013 of 06 December 2013 regulating the general conditions for the marketing of vanilla, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Crafts (MICA) includes among its list of approved exporters « La Réserve Du Vanillier ». Turning towards a desire to clean up one of the most impactful sectors of the national economy and a worthy cultural representative of Madagascar in the minds of consumers around the world, the ministerial agents in accordance with the vanilla operators (Group of Madagascar Vanilla Exporters GEVM) have consulted each other. Strengthening the black spice value chain through the commitment and expertise of existing companies is a priority to maintain Madagascar’s commercial assets and visibility abroad.

We invite you to consult all our products, which represent the wide spectrum of flavours on the island.

Vanilla of the new season are for some categories already processed and available in volume.

Do not hesitate to contact our services for information on the evolution of our range over the course of the campaign.

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