Black pepper ‘Voatsiperifery’ (grain)

‘ Piper borbonense ‘




Origin : Madagascar

100% Natural product



This pepper originates from the humid forests of the east coast of Madagascar, but also from Reunion and Mauritius. It grows on lianas themselves at the top of tall trees up to 20 meters high. Its harvest is dangerous and tedious because harvested by hand at the top of the trees. The name ‘Voatsiperifery’ comes from the Malagasy Voa (means fruit), and from Tsiperifery (refers to the Piper Borbonense vine in Malagasy). Its semi-wild culture makes it a wild pepper with various degrees of maturity (green, red, black).

Black pepper is obtained after drying and fermentation in the sun for a few days.



It is a rather sweet pepper at the spicy level. It provides a feeling of warmth but less powerful than a classic black pepper.

Exceptional character from rich and intense scent. Reveals fresh earthy notes subtly woody and flowery.

In the mouth, a flavour of fresh burned herbs, underwood that gives way quickly to a fruity fruity citrus reminiscent of Sichuan pepper (China). It is a pepper with a nice stay in the mouth.

It is the most powerful but remains subtle at the same time. Deep and intense taste.



This pepper is also a medicinal plant in its own right. It is widely used by Ayurvedic medicine and recognized by Western medicine.

Its properties are: digestive, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, diuretic, detoxifying, and sanitizing.



This pepper is used whole, crushed or ground and its use extends to all dishes. Red meats, carpaccio, white meats, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, foie gras, desserts, chocolate.



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