La Vanillette (pod)

‘ Vanilla planifolia ‘


Origin : Madagascar (Bourbon region)

100% Natural product

A vanilla with a Gourmet look, but in a reduced size since the bean is less than 14 cm. Indeed, market habits and grading systems specifying the size of vanilla beans indicate a minimum of 13-14 cm (A1-B4). Out-of-grade beans are generally processed into a quality powder. We offer these whole vanilla beans of small size presenting flavours in the black vanilla profile. It is intended for craftsmen, pastry chefs and restorers for creations where the use of a standard bean is not essential. Indeed, the beans of +13 cm may be too generous in vanilla caviar for certain transformations or professional elaborations. A vanilla with a high moisture and vanillin content.


  • Species : Vanilla Planifolia
  • Grade : Visual ‘Small Gourmet’
  • Hygrometry : + 30%
  • Weight : 2 Gr
  • Length : < 13 Cm


The origin of Vanilla Planifolia found on hot Malagasy lands dates back to its discovery by the Spanish conquistadors who landed in Central America during the 16th century. Brought back to Europe by Hernan Cortes in 1529 after having tasted the flavours and virtues with the local Aztec tribes, it was only introduced towards the middle of the 19th century in Reunion Island before being established in Madagascar in 1880. Its Inability to be reproduced without the help of man, due to the absence of a pollinating insects in southern Africa, forces the producing populations to fertilize the flowers by hand.

The name ‘Bourbon’, label created in 1964, designates a geographical area of the Indian Ocean including Reunion, Madagascar, the Comoros and Mauritius in which Vanilla Planifolia flourishes.


Fruity / Cacao / Caramel / Round / Intense




  Raffia String to hold the bundles

  Waxed paper to isolate and preserve pods

  Packing box (Logistic protection & freight)



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