Vanilla (extract)

‘ Vanilla planifolia ‘

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Origin : Madagascar (Bourbon region)

Product made from 100% natural vanilla

An extract produced by the maceration of Red vanilla or premium Cut vanilla beans in ethyl alcohol to provide a solution with strong aromatic potential. The obtaining of a particular profile required by the professional orientates the vanilla choices upstream for the preparation of the extract. A syrupy product with a powerful vanilla taste, accompanied by fruity and spicy notes whose concentration allows only a few drops for optimal diffusion. An asset in terms of use by an appropriate dosage, but also an asset in terms of conservation of the properties and olfactory compounds due to the base used to obtain the concentrate and due to an appropriate container. An extract with no added sugar for use on liquid, powder or paste supports, in order to provide solutions for all industries. Simplicity and efficiency are combined in this solution.


The origin of Vanilla Planifolia found on hot Malagasy lands dates back to its discovery by the Spanish conquistadors who landed in Central America during the 16th century. Brought back to Europe by Hernan Cortes in 1529 after having tasted the flavors and virtues with the local Aztec tribes, it was only introduced towards the middle of the 19th century in Reunion Island before being established in Madagascar in 1880. Its Inability to be reproduced without the help of man, due to the absence of pollinating insects in southern Africa, forces the producing populations to fertilize the flowers by hand.

The name ‘Bourbon’, label created in 1964, designates a geographical area of the Indian Ocean including Reunion, Madagascar, the Comoros and Mauritius in which Vanilla Planifolia flourishes.


Spicy / Woody

A concentrated moisture-free product, preventing oxidation and enabling the preservation of its organoleptic properties.


Caramel / Strong


Concentration of extracts : 100 | 200 | 300 | 400 gr/L |
* Personalised concentration is possible on demand.

Low quantity of alcohol in extracts : ≃ 5%.


  PET bottle : 1 L


  Safe aluminium can : 25 kg extract capacity



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