In addition to the pleasure of vanilla, its impact on the body and the psyche makes it a complete and vital spice.

The active ingredient in vanilla is a bitter precursor: ‘vanilloside‘. It is a ‘glucoside‘ (a natural compound of glucose found in some plants) that reactivates during the scalding of green pods (hydrolysis), and then becomes ‘vanillin‘ (phenolic aldehyde) during the drying and refining process.

We all know vanilla for its fragrance, for its taste and delicately sweet flavour. It has the power to captivate our taste buds and plunge us back into childhood. The divine vanilla has well deserved its nobility, and yet its virtues and benefits on our health are still too often ignored. However!

Vanilla acts on us in a general way, as much on our psychic balance as physical. She acts like her colleague chocolate as antistress, anxiolytic and antidepressant that relaxes, calms, relaxes and soothes the body and the brain. It strengthens our nervous system by improving our concentration and our memory.

For its high content in ‘polyphenols,’ it is used in cosmetology to restructure the skin and for cellular anti-aging. Natural and powerful antiseptic and, it relieves pains from bites and stings.

Known for its digestive comfort effect, it restores intestinal well-being. It would also be given the merit of being a powerful aphrodisiac stimulant of libido.

Naturally sweet and not very energetic, it is the perfect slimming ally that will delicately perfume your dishes.